Study in BLI Language Schools

BLI will help you learn English or French through the communicative approach in a friendly environment. BLI language schools are both located in the central areas of Canada’s unique and captivating cities: Montreal and Quebec City. All our staff is qualified, friendly and helpful.

BLI’s prices are very competitive! You can choose how intensive you want your program to be.  We offer different types of English and French programs. Contact us and a member of our staff will assess your learning needs and help you find the program that best suits your needs.

Making new friends and having fun while learning is part of BLI’s experience. Learning goes beyond the classroom.


Studyat BLI Canada Information Planet


BLI organizes everyday activities and trips for you to discover and explore the province of Quebec and its surroundings. You could see the infamous Niagara Falls, go whale watching on the Saint Lawrence River, go on top of the CN tower, visit Ottawa’s or Quebec’s parliament, or go skiing during the winter. You will see places that go beyond your imagination!






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