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Health insurance in Canada 


  • The law requires all full-time students and part-time students registered for 75% of a full-time curriculum to have health insurance. 
  • A pre-existing condition will not be covered by your health insurance.

Do I need health insurance? 

As a newcomer to Canada you will have to arrange yourself a health insurance, because medical care in Canada is very expensive and isn't free of charge. One night in hospital can cost up to $3000 and few stitches for cut finger for example $200. If you want to avoid paying high amount of money and secure yourself - you should be very well insured.


What can guard.me offer? 

Guard.me services over 300 educational institutions around the world and insure more than 100,000 young adults around the world anually. Within Canada it has contracts with medical clinics across the country to make your visit easier. 

Guard.me has clients around the world and currently has offices in Brazil, and the UK, with the head office located in Canada. If you're looking for insurance while you travel, you should go through extensive products and services Guard.me offers. Find more here. 


Benefit summary

This student insurance offers coverage up to $2,000,000, but it only covers medical assistance. You can't insure your baggage while travelling or insure yourself for making a damage in Canada and so on. However, it offers coverage of all eligible expences anywhere in the world except - coverage in USA limited to 3é days; no coverage in home country.


If you, your insured partner or your insured child has a new sickness or injury that first occurs AFTER the start date of your policy, your policy will cover these expenses:
We will pay for doctor's visits to treat a new urgent condition in a doctor's office or clinic. We will pay the doctor when you need to go to the Emergency Room.
When the doctor says you need to go to the hospital, or you need urgent medical care outside regular clinic or office hours, we will pay for treatment at an Emergency Room (ER) at the Hospital.
When you are unable to get to a hospital for an urgent condition, we will pay for an ambulance to take you there.

When the doctor says you need tests (such as blood or urine tests) or X-rays to diagnose your new condition, we will pay for these tests. FOR OTHER TESTS CALLED 'CAT' OR 'CT SCANS' AND 'MRI'S' YOU MUST CALL THE ASSISTANCE LINE FIRST BEFORE YOU HAVE THE TESTS DONE.

If you need to stay in the hospital, We will pay for all hospital costs.
Coverage for dental work for the relief of acute pain and suffering.
If you are hit in the mouth or are in an accident and your own teeth are damaged, we will pay to repair or replace those teeth.
If you go to a doctor who gives you a prescription to go to the drug store to buy medicine from the pharmacist, we will pay for the medicine up to a maximum 30-day supply. We will NOT pay for refills of medications.







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